since 1991


Railway Engineering by Reefsteamers

Our Workshop is able to handle a wide range of heavy duty railway- and restoration work. Our engineering department has well skilled staff to work on steam boilers, rolling stock, wheel profiling........

We are specialized in:

  • Railway wheel turning / profiling / crack inspection
  • Steam Locomotive and rail coach restoration
  • Steam Boiler repairs 
  • Tube swagging
  • Hot riveting
  • Coach restoration

Reefsteamers actual maintenance Work

Workshop Impressions

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  • 13393894_10209497095762586_7287341989001824032_n
  • 14639744_10210718278531392_2139089812730730225_n
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  • 1930582_10153351930347204_8057340595298100681_n
  • 10152581_10203417033444828_3406175579903809950_n
  • Swaged Tubes RS
  • Not something commonly seen - a freshly rebuilt Class EW Tender Bogie. (15F 3052)
  • heavy boiler repairs
  • 11143645_10207077123584794_589682200786309097_n
  • 16114586_10211616559947866_5318152156822178740_n
  • 12512258_10208498999250797_5275924139887252953_n
  • 10254996_10203417033204822_7132834328917759089_n
  • 12805759_10153951439063454_6926144777753165220_n
  • 12805759_10153951439063454_6926144777753165220_n

Day Sitter Coach restoration work

Your engineering contact:

Shaun Ackerman