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Reefsteamers Membership

Reefsteamers is a lively club that practices history at its fingertips. This is made possible by all those members who actively or passively enjoy and enjoy participating in the operation of a real railroad. From "skin and hair" to "one-time financial sponsorship" any kind of support is welcome. We look forward to you !

Reefsteamers focus lays on Technical Excellence, high standard steam train operation and the preservation of the old railway technical knowledge. Become a part of a handful people around the world who are able to apply the old path of technical knowledge and to preserve the historical treasures for the next generations.

In our own work shop facility's we ensure that our rolling stock is in perfect and safe technical condition, looks good and clean. If you like to get involved and to get your hands dirty in our workshop, then do not hesitate to join our workshop crew! All skills are welcome! You are slowly being introduced to the various works.

Become a fireman or a driver! This is the top of the workshop duty's! As a well trained workshop member you would have the opportunity (if you meet all the requirements for this tasks), to extend and practice your workshop experiences as a fire lighter and loco minder. This is the first step forward to become a licenced fireman and later a steam locomotive driver. To be a fireman and a driver you will need man hours of practice and different instruction lessons and exams. At the end of this procedure you are one of a few, well trained steam locomotive crew members in South Africa!

We also look for train crews! This is also a interesting part of railway preservation! Not as dirty as the workshop jobs but not less important. You ensure as a coach manager / train manager or safety manager different tasks: before, during and after the train operation. Your work will ensure a safe and relaxing steam train travel for our passengers, you keep the train clean, our guests informed and help to operate the trains safe and on time.

Your support is essential to save this part of South Africa's unique industrial heritage! Support us with your membership application as a active or inactive member, with a donation or simply enjoy a ride on one of our steam-operated trains and tours.  Would you like to become a member of Reefsteamers and get involved in preserving steam trains?

Then contact us at

or fill the online membership application form.


Mambership e-mail application form & Membership rules
2018.03.04 Membership Application form Reefsteamers R250.pdf (81.95KB)
Mambership e-mail application form & Membership rules
2018.03.04 Membership Application form Reefsteamers R250.pdf (81.95KB)

Membership @Reefsteamers and Membership Rules

Active Membership Is defined as being active in the Depot, or on our trains, or in administration, for a minimum of 12 days per year. Attendance is monitored and the Board may decide to change the membership to inactive, if the minimum active days are not reached. Long Distance/Remote members who assist are also regarded as Active Members. The spouses or children of Members, who would like to become involved with our activities, may be accepted as
Family Members.
Active Member Benefits: Active Members have the right to attend General Meetings and have voting rights. Active Members are entitled to 1 (one) free trip per year, only once having worked for a minimum of 12 days. Members who have worked 20-24 days per year, may have 1 (one) free trip per year accompanied by 2 (two) friends/family members. For working more than 24 days, the member may have 2 (two) free trips per year, accompanied by 2 (two) friends/family members. This only applies to non-peak day trips and is subject to availability and approval by the Chairman in writing. On this trip, the member travels as an ordinary passenger: no uniform, no perks.

Inactive / Supporting Members
Is defined as being non active at the Depot, or on our trains, or in administration. Inactive / Supporting Members, support Reefsteamers with their financial contribution of at least R300 per annum.
Inactive / Supporting Members Benefits:
Inactive / supporting members will receive the Reefsteamers E-mail newsletter at least 4 times a year.
If your financial contribution is higher than R6000 per annum: 1 (one) free trip per year, accompanied by 2 (two) friends/family members.

Reefsteamers is a registered private entity and industrial site (not a part of PRASA/Transnet) and is required to adhere to the rules as laid out in the Occupational Health & Safety Act (and amendments) No 181 of 1993. Appropriate PPE to be worn at all times, safety is everyone’s job. Members must be sober on arrival, and alcohol consumption is not permitted on site.

All current, paid up members will be granted access to the Reefsteamers Depot unescorted, however, ALL members must sign the Personnel Access Register upon entry.

Reefsteamers reserves the right to terminate membership immediately and with no prejudice in the event of theft, assault, substance abuse, consistent safety violations or gross misconduct, including slander or the spreading of dissent.
DISCLAIMER (to be completed by all applicants)

I, ____________________________________________
do hereby declare that Reefsteamers Association NPC and/or their Director/s, employee/s, members, agents, contractors and sub-contractors shall not be liable to any person or legal entity for:

a) Any loss or damages caused by, or as a result of any theft or burglary or another similar cause.
b) Any accident, injury, loss of life (whether direct or indirect), consequential or otherwise caused to such person or entity from whatsoever cause arising while using the buildings and/or Reefsteamers Transnet- leased premises and/or any portion thereof whatsoever of the Germiston Steam Locomotive Depot and its associated mechanical workshops.
c) However, such action, injury, loss of life, loss or damage may be occasioned by, or may arise as a result from the negligence (including gross negligence) and/or breach of contract of the Reefsteamers Association NPC and/or Transnet, its Director/s, employee/s, members,agents, contractors and sub-contractors thereof.
1. It is understood that while a person is visiting or working at the Germiston Steam Locomotive Depot and its associated mechanical workshops, that they do so entirely at their own risk.
2. It is understood that no persons under the age of 18 are permitted on the premises unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
3. I further undertake that, whilst on the said premises, that I will refrain from the unnecessary engaging of the attention of the staff and/or causing delay to or interference with the work or rail movements in progress.
4. I hereby submit to being assessed as an Active/Inactive Member and will accept the decision of the Board of Directors.
5. I understand that should membership be declined, that fees already paid for the year are not refundable.
6. I hereby accept that I will be required to undergo compulsory Safety Induction Course/s and will undertake to abide by the procedures and instructions therein. I will also undergo refresher Safety Training Courses when deemed necessary. I agree to abide by the terms of the memorandum and articles of Association pertaining to Reefsteamers Association NPC. I agree that I am responsible to directly submit my Membership Application Form to process my Membership and that it shall not be considered valid until proof of payment is received. I agree to the benefits as described above