1991 - 14.12.2019

Reefsteamers Membership

Reefsteamers is a lively club that practices history at its fingertips. This is made possible by all those members who actively or passively enjoy and enjoy participating in the operation of a real railroad. From "skin and hair" to "one-time financial sponsorship" any kind of support is welcome. We look forward to you !

Reefsteamers focus lays on Technical Excellence, high standard steam train operation and the preservation of the old railway technical knowledge. Become a part of a handful people around the world who are able to apply the old path of technical knowledge and to preserve the historical treasures for the next generations.

In our own work shop facility's we ensure that our rolling stock is in perfect and safe technical condition, looks good and clean. If you like to get involved and to get your hands dirty in our workshop, then do not hesitate to join our workshop crew! All skills are welcome! You are slowly being introduced to the various works.

Become a fireman or a driver! This is the top of the workshop duty's! As a well trained workshop member you would have the opportunity (if you meet all the requirements for this tasks), to extend and practice your workshop experiences as a fire lighter and loco minder. This is the first step forward to become a licenced fireman and later a steam locomotive driver. To be a fireman and a driver you will need man hours of practice and different instruction lessons and exams. At the end of this procedure you are one of a few, well trained steam locomotive crew members in South Africa!

We also look for train crews! This is also a interesting part of railway preservation! Not as dirty as the workshop jobs but not less important. You ensure as a coach manager / train manager or safety manager different tasks: before, during and after the train operation. Your work will ensure a safe and relaxing steam train travel for our passengers, you keep the train clean, our guests informed and help to operate the trains safe and on time.

Your support is essential to save this part of South Africa's unique industrial heritage! Support us with your membership application as a active or inactive member, with a donation or simply enjoy a ride on one of our steam-operated trains and tours.  Would you like to become a member of Reefsteamers and get involved in preserving steam trains?

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