1991 - 14.12.2019

25NC No.3404 "Elsabe"

SAR 3404 is one of eleven 25 Classes built by North British Locomotive Company (NBL)* in 1953 as work number 27290 and the original boiler Nr. 10618 and entered regular service in September 1953.

25NC No.3404 "Elsabe" was one of the last four steam locomotives in regular train haulage and she hauled the very last, official Spoornet steam train "Trans Karoo" from Klerksdorp to Johannesburg on 22.March 1997

After the official steam ended in South Africa, Spoornet began 1991 to operate the Trans Karoo Express with steam for a part of its journey. A pair of 25NC class locomotives hauled the train between Johannesburg and Klerksdorp on Saturdays, returning on Sundays. This ended on 22. March 1997.

*The North British Locomotive Company (NBL, NB Loco or North British) was created in 1903 through the merger of three Glasgow locomotive manufacturing companies; Sharp, Stewart and Company (Atlas Works), Neilson, Reid and Company (Hyde Park Works) and Dübs and Company (Queens Park Works), creating the largest locomotive manufacturing company in Europe and the British Empire.

25NC 3404 "Elsabe", the oldest remaining Locomotive of the 25Class locomotives.

This engine is since 2017 under private care and will be brought back to here former glory and should e used for future long distance steam trains. The restoration preparations have already started and we hope to finish the needed work within the next few years.

WANTED: If you have any parts/photos/film or videos of this engine in your collection, we would like to ask you to share the details with us. We also looking for different parts who still should exist: as the original buffer beam number plates, nameplate and other parts. We would like to bring those parts again together with the engine. Thank you for your kindness to share your details with us: