1991 - 14.12.2019

6A No. 454 "Lauren"

Built by Dübs* in 1895 as work number 3347. The engine was delivered to the Cape Government Railways (CGR) and operated as CGR number 174. In 1912 the engine received the SAR number 454

*Dübs & Co. was a locomotive manufacturer in Glasgow, Scotland, founded by Henry Dübs in 1863

25.07.2018 === 6A 454 'LAUREN' NEWS ===
It may seem that not much is happening with dismantled ex-SANRASM Class 6A 454, which is privately owned by Shaun Ackerman.  In fact, it is a swimming duck job. This 52 ton duckie is just floating along serenely, but the feet, hidden away from view, are doing a lot of paddling!
As you can see by the torched cut-out in the center, this locomotive's plate frames were cut to extract the bronze axle boxes for scrap metal theft.  Ackerman has, in fact, been researching and getting quotes to have a pair of new plate frames made, plasma cut and drilled. Unfortunately, the cost would have been too prohibitive, over 700K. This is a privately funded and operated restoration project.
So Ackerman has reverted to his original plan of using a patched section of frame to restore the axle slots for the main driving wheels. He is presently researching the code of practice for the welding that will need to be done, as well as the Code of practice and techniques to get the alignments correct.
6A 454 is not quite dead yet!

 Restoration in Progress:

WANTED: If you have any parts/photos/film or videos of this engine in your collection, we would like to ask you to share the details with us. We also looking for different parts who still should exist: as the original buffer beam number plates, nameplate and other parts. We would like to bring those parts again together with the engine. Thank you for your kindness to share your details with us:

Photos from the past: