1991 - 14.12.2019

6A No. 473 "Patricia"

Built by Dübs* in 1897 as work number 3461. The engine was delivered to the Cape Government Railways (CGR) and operated as CGR number 194. In 1912 the engine received the SAR number 473. The engine was sold by SAR to Tavistock Colliery in July 1953 for £2477 - 17s - 4d, then sold to Klipoortjie Colliery in Marc 1960 and further sold to Blinkpan Colliery in July 1969. It was donated to SANRASM on 18/10/84 and purchased by Clive Holliday on 8th Feb 2018

*Dübs & Co. was a locomotive manufacturer in Glasgow, Scotland, founded by Henry Dübs in 1863

25.07.2018 === 6A 473 'PATRICIA' NEWS ===
The three tender axles belonging to 6A 473 were dispatched to Surtees Engineering for wheel profile correction last Tuesday. 6A 473 is privately owned by Clive Holliday and is undergoing privately-funded restoration. Both the axles on the front bogie are also going to be removed and sent for reprofiling, while the three driver axles will be done in-house on the Reefsteamers wheel lathe.  
The boiler work is waiting for instructions from our boiler inspector concerning the repair of some small cracks found at the firebox end. Once those cracks are repaired and visually
inspected, the boiler will be completely re-tubed with a stock of tubes already waiting on-site.
Shaun Ackerman will effect repairs to the Tender's Drag box and minor repairs to the tender frame as he has time in between Reefsteamers work. The other major repair will be the water tank.
Private funding is already available for the locomotive's restoration and the present estimate is that she'll be in steam by late 2020, when she will be 123 years old.
She has also been rechristened. Holiday's wife is adamant that she doesn't want her name on a loco, so 6A 473 has been renamed from 'Charlotte' to 'Patricia.' Patricia is Clive Holiday's late mother who passed away a few months ago.

Restoration in progress:

WANTED: If you have any parts/photos/film or videos of this engine in your collection, we would like to ask you to share the details with us. We also looking for different parts who still should exist: as the original buffer beam number plates, nameplate and other parts. We would like to bring those parts again together with the engine. Thank you for your kindness to share your details with us:

Photos from the past: