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Susan's 100th Birthday Celebration

2019 is the Victorian themed birthday party for Susan.  Come and join us on a trip to Heidelberg.

Susan is 100 in 2019 and to commemorate this auspicious occasion Reefsteamers and the Culinary Express are hosting a Victorian Themed event.

Take the steam train from Rhodesfield PRASA station and arrive in the old (steam) day's style in the Village of Heidelberg. At the Heidelberg Heritage Museum you will be dined at the Culinary Express, in a true Victorian manner while enjoying a virtual tour of Heidelberg.

The ticket includes the train ticket and a 3 course Victorian Style meal:

Ticket price:


Susan's 100th Birthday Celebration event Booking


Boarding time at Rhodesfield PRASA Station


Departure from Rhodesfield


Estimated arrival at Heidelberg


Boarding time at Heidelberg


Departure from Heidelberg


Estimated arrival at Rhodesfield PRASA Station


The times shown for the trips are our scheduled times, however, should there be any delays caused by Transnet / PRASA or the track infrastructure, Reefsteamers is not liable for the delays.

Reefsteamers Terms and Conditions for any Booking

Estimate arrival in Heidelberg at 10:30. Take a pleasant walk from the new to the old, The 10-15 min walk has watering points along the way. if you feel that you won't make the walk please let us know when booking and we will ensure you get a personalized shuttle to the museum.

Departure from Heidelberg at 15:30, as the sun starts to make her way down to the western horizon, we make our way back to the City of Gold. let the clickety-clack of the old rock you to sleep as you make your way back to the new. Estimated arrival at the Rhodesfield PRASA Station at 17:00, well within time to catch the Gautrain